The Dr. Seuss Experience

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?? We were so happy to help bring his creations into the real world, turning The Cat in the Hat and the cast of “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket” into three-dimensional puppets. You can experience this immersive wonderland when The Dr. Seuss Experience comes to a city near you!


Project Manager: Betsy Falk
Lead Fabricator: Terri Aluise

Fabrication Team: Jo Aluise, Delene Beauchamp, Susie Benitez, Katie Brown, Charlie Cunningham, Deb Glassberg, Katie Hedley, Cameron Klales, Kim Lettiere, Josh Lownes, Noelle Mcmanus, Anna O’Brien, Dylan Pecora, Beth Quinn, Bridget Reilly Beauchamp, Lauren Salvo, Val Scarfone, Zach Stock, Essie Windham, Michelle Yeager